Story of your Personal Data on the Cloud

Data is Scattered

You get free storage of 2gb to 15gb with various cloud providers. So all your data is scattered everywhere on the cloud. Each of them has a different password and access mechanism and it reaches a point where you are unsure of what is where

Sharing is a Pain

Stuck on how to share pictures from your vacation to your larger family ? Sharing on chat reduces quality, sharing on email is a pain. Is there a simple way to share pictures with family wherein the links expire after a few days ?

Multiple Syncs

Google Drive for attachments, Dropbox for photos, SpiderOak for confidential docs and a few other services. Sounds Familiar ? Each of these services are running constantly on the laptops and mobiles and using up data in the background

Privacy is Gone

Your private data is resting with the big corporations who analyze it in direct and indirect ways for mining data about you. One look at the Terms and Conditions and you realize that free space is really coming at a premium

Data is not Secure

Every day we read news about how millions of files were shared, credit card information was hacked, passwords were leaked and so on. If everyone is claiming  that they have rock solid security, why are so many hacks happening ?

Expensive to add Space

Every company wants to give you a 99.999999% data protection and charges a huge premium for extra space. So you end up signing for more free services that scatter your precious data even more than before

Terabyte Vault is an Alternative !

We have a no frills solution that keeps it simple and safe. At rock bottom pricing !